Quality, Hand Made Clothing
Representing Strength, Unity & Integrity.

About Us

Inyathi Wear is a proudly South African clothing brand established in 2018 by Tebogo L. Nyathi. What began as printing t-shirts for his DJ performances abruptly turned into a clothing line.

Nyathi is a Nguni name for the African buffalo being his surname, he saw fit that it would carry on his vision for his story, graphics, and clothing ideology. The African buffalo spirit animal is a symbol of power, strength and community, unity and integrity.

In 2019, Buti Shimmie Maruping joined as a partner, shareholder with the aim to propell the business to greater frontiers. The belief of moving as a unit like buffaloes do, is how the clothing business keeps growing through collaborations with elderly citizens, who help in passing on the ancient knowledge fused with millenial culture through clothes.


Our Services
Quality, hand made clothes and collaborations with elderly people and young
designers learning cultural ways of creating garments.
Clothing Brand
Provide our own
unique clothing.
Sporting Gear
& Workwear

Provide clothing
goods for clients,
including PPE wear.

Embroidery Services
Printing services for
clients, with vinyl
and flock.
Old Jeans
& Caps Drive
We take in old jeans
and caps and give
them new life.
Our Range

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Head Gear
Upperbody Gear
Lowerbody Gear
Our Team



Graphic Designer & DJ

Buti J (Shimmie)


Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

Our Vision

World Wide clothing
and Athleisure clothing.


Quality driven and Social
Awareness campaigns.
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